About Us

Kuwait Kerala Islahi Centre (KKIC), established in 1986, is a Muslim organization working mainly among Keralite expatriates in Kuwait. 
Aims and Objectives:
The main focus of KKIC is to convey the message of Islam in its pure and unblemished form. Simultaneously the centre has been contributing towards the socio-cultural and educational uplift of the Muslim community and promotion of communal harmony and amity. The central theme of the organization is to create awareness in the community regarding Islam and to warn them of the eternally dire consequences of shirk (associating partners to Allah,the One and only Sustainer of all worlds and creations) and bid’a (innovations in Islam) which a major portion of the community are still indulged in, and lead them to Tawheed (the Islamic Monotheism) and the Sunnah (tradition) of Muhammad(S) The last messenger of Allah. 
KKIC has seventeen units and around nine hundred members at present. The central office of KKIC is situated in Kuwait City, opposite to the old Air India office. The official website address is www.islahikuwait.org. The seventeen unit committees together form the General Council. An executive committee and a secretariat are elected from within the council for ease of day to day functions. Additionally, KKIC has a women’s wing Kuwait Islahi Women’s Association (KISWA) and students’ wing - Kuwait Islamic
Students Movement (KISM). 
Main Functions:
Islamic Awareness Programs: KKIC conducts weekly Islamic study classes at different localities in Kuwait, Friday sermons in Malayalam in 11 mosques, occasional family meets, get-togethers and seminars. 
Public Programs: Public attention was invited to the unchallengeable ideology and principles of Islam many a time when KKIC staged presentations of talented scholar-orators like Dr. Zakir Naik, the President of Islamic Research Foundation and Adv. Mayin Kutty Methar, a dynamic Islamic preacher in Kerala. 
Religious Interactions: KKIC conducts interactive meets and open forums to clear misconceptions about Islam and to clarify doubts. Further, Islamic literature and audio-visual are supplied to promote learning about Islam. 
Islamic Seminar: The first and second Islamic Seminar conducted on four consecutive days in April 2006 and Febrary 2010 respectively in the specially made tents in Farwaniya were really memorable events which served beneficially to diffuse the message of Islam in the Keralite expatriate community in Kuwait. The seminars comprised of various informative sessions consisting of presentations, debates, seminar, medical counselling etc. The Islamic exhibition arranged in connection with the event attracted curiosity of nationals and expatriates alike.
Islamic Students Conference-ISCON
It was a unique event conducted under the auspices of Grand mosque. The first and second ISCON were a great success in terms of presence of students, parents as well as in the knowledge disseminated in the various sessions. It was a pioneering effort in terms of focus on Teenagers among the expatriate community in Kuwait. As the teenage is the most critical stage in a child’s transformation into an adult, their behaviour and personality requires to be moulded in an Islamic perspective to make them productive to their family, society and nation. Moreover, the utmost aim of eternal salvation is to be engraved in their minds during this time .Awqaf officials, MPs, Undersecretaries and other Kuwaiti dignitaries took part in the two-day conferences. 
Qur’an and Hadith Classes: KKIC pays much care to spread the light of Allah’s guidance through the Noble Qur’an and its interpretations as explained by the Messenger of Allah by facilitating easy access to its study. In order to impart Quran and Hadith learning more than thirty classes are functioning with well defined syllabus and systematic teaching methods. Nearly half of the total batches are exclusively for ladies.
Library and Audio-visual: Library and Audiovisual are two wings of KKIC providing CDs of valuable presentations and documentaries on Islamic topics. They circulate books and periodicals also through the Central Library in KKIC Office and more than ten local outlets functioning in different locations.
Islahi Madrassa: To give basic Islamic education to the children, KKIC started Islahi Madrasa in 1995. Currently it has branches in five locations ie Abbasiya, Salmiya, Fahaheel,Farwaniya and Jahra and more than six hundred students altogether. The goal of Islahi Madrasa is to awaken an awareness about Allah and His guidelines in the children to give a strong foundation for their intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth. The annual Madrassa Day, Literary Workshops, Inter-Madrassa Quiz, picnic etc. serve as means of leisure along with their intellectual development. 
Charity Activities: KKIC Social Welfare Wing has been putting in massive efforts to uplift the community’s social, economic and educational status. To support the poor and needy with monitory assistance towards solving their different problems, a Zakat Cell has been efficiently functioning for the last 20 years. It provides assistance for treatment, livelihood, loan reprisal, housing, self-employment projects, scholarship scheme etc. In addition, distribution of Fitr Zakat, Iftar kits, new clothing for Eid, uniforms and study kits for school children are taken care of. In the year 2013 KKIC have collected and distributed more than IRS 1.5 Crores for charity activities.
Relief Funds: Relief funds were raised and distributed for victims of earthquake and other natural calamities.
Santhwanam: This is a scheme aimed at elaborating relief activities by accumulating nominal charities ie a box in every home to collect spare coins. This has so far proved to be a practical measure to solve basic requirements of the poor and needy people to some extent. The ultimate goal of this project is to build houses for the needy. 
Hajj & Umrah Services: KKIC Hajj & Umrah Cell provides guidance and service for performing pilgrimage as exemplified by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Cell conducts study classes, takes care of travel authorization, arranges transport, lodging etc at no extra cost. A learned and experienced Amir accompanies each group giving them valuable guidance throughout the trip.
Creativity Cell: KKIC has not disregarded the need for relaxation and recreation in life staying within the guidelines of Islam. Keeping this in mind, KKIC has been organizing Arts Fests, Sports Meets, and Winter Picnics etc. annually. Separate events and competitions are held for different age groups including veterans. Competitions for women are arranged along with these events separately.  
Public Relations: KKIC does not promote the idea of compartmentalizing the community and keeping itself aloof from public issues. Seminars are held at times with active involvement by advocates of different ideologies to discuss topics of public interest. Social get-togethers are arranged at festive occasions like Eid. Souvenirs, bulletins and other publications have been issued occasionally to stay in touch with the community. 
The first and foremost mission of KKIC is spread of knowledge mainly of Tawheed and Sunnah and moulding of a society with proper understanding and appreciation of this ideological basis of Islam. Our hope is in the everlasting Grace of Allah the Almighty. The support rendered by the Society for Revival of Islamic Heritage (the Salafi organization in Kuwait) , Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, dedication of our members and cooperation rendered by all righteous people help us in this mission.